Monday, April 14, 2014


There is something nostalgic about ice cream. It personally brings me back to when I was a child and we would make a slight detour on our way back from Reid State Park. We would pull over to this farm that served ice cream and homemade treats. It was always the highlight of the trip. As I grew older my love for ice cream did too. When I was old enough my parents would throw me a few dollars to chase down the ice cream truck. Some push pop or ice cream sandwich for me. Always a snow cone for my mother. I never understood what she saw in those things...what is so special about just flavored ice. Why go for the snow cone when there were so many other option to choose from?

Now some 25 years later I'm still chasing down ice cream. I have tried Beal's, the Dairy Joys, Gifford's and even that famous Vermont ice cream that helped me get through those long night of college cramming. But nowadays its a little place in Auburn called Sundae's Ice Cream Shoppe that I find myself returning to weekly for my ice cream fix. When you walk into Sundae's on Center Street you are putting yourself in the near presence of some of the best ice cream in the state. But what it offers that is even richer than the ice cream, is the unmatchable service the crew there delivers time and time again. Always with a smile, always with a glowing hello. At the helm of this establishment is Alison Bennett. The more we learn about her...the more amazing she becomes. Bellow is our interview.

DNA: Why and when did you decide to get into the ice cream business?

Mrs. Bennett: "Stan and I had talked for a long time about opening an ice cream business. He grew up on Round Top ice cream and knew that he would want to sell it. Our idea started as a
small walk-up shop and quickly morphed into the shop it is today!"


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